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YEP District 4510

A unique exchange experience!

We are committed to making the exchange experience in our district of great value​​, with much of learning and life growing.   ​​​​​​​

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Disciplinary action and early returns.​​​​​

Notice. We will promptly notify you when your student has done something that may subject your student to discipline. We will keep you updated on the disciplinary status of your student.

Authority to send student home. Our district committee members, which is made up of five people, have the authority over decisions to send a student home because of failure to comply with program requirements.

First weeks. A student will not be sent home during the first weeks of the exchange except in case of gross violation of program rules or requirement by government officials. We will require that your student’s host club and host family confirm in writing their understanding of these policies.

School issues. We will work with schools to provide academic assistance if your student is not meeting minimum academic requirements. If a school is no longer willing to host your student, we will attempt to find alternatives to an early return.

Sending student home. Our member district will inform you, your sponsor club, and your student’s parents or guardians before your student leaves our country. The return should be at the earliest practical time on a reasonable route. Your student is responsible for the costs related to any early return. sending a student home, the districts may appoint an independent

Reporting serious incidents.

Reporting to Rotary International and authorities. We will follow the Rotary International policies and local law in reporting all serious incidents to Rotary International, law enforcement, and the appropriate national agency or department. We will follow through on allegations in accordance with Rotary International policy and local law.

Notifying you. If we report an incident involving your student, we will notify you and provide details consistent with Rotary International policy and local law.