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YEP District 4510

A unique exchange experience!

We are committed to making the exchange experience in our district of great value​​, with much of learning and life growing.   ​​​​​​​

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Support from Rotary Clubs in the District

Contact information. Before your student leaves on exchange, we or our member district will provide your student with the name and contact information for his or her Rotarian counselor in the host club of our member district. The information will include an email address and all phone numbers. 

Counselor will not serve as host parent. The Rotarian counselor will not serve simultaneously as a host parent for your student. If it becomes necessary to place your student with the counselor on a temporary basis such as at the beginning of an exchange or in an emergency, we will appoint a person to serve as substitute counselor during the stay.

Counselor training. The counselor will be trained to respond to any problems or concerns that arise during the exchange including the prevention of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Regular contact with Counselor. Our Rotarian counselor will have regular contact with your student.

Frequency of contact. Our counselor will meet with your student between between once and twice a month.

Face to face contact. Contact will be face to face except when geography or extraordinary circumstances makes this impossible.

Attendance at club meetings. The opportunity of the student to regularly attend club meetings is an important part of your student’s support system. Your student’s host club will arrange for your student to participate in club activities and to attend club meetings and service projects at no cost at least once a month.

Monthly allowance. The host club will pay your student a monthly stipend that is at least enough to cover the costs of meals eaten at school or elsewhere.